Saturday, April 13, 2013

Where to Begin... has been some time since I have stopped by to say hello!

Many things have happened since February.

If I had to choose, some of the highlights would be...

-my littlest one turned SIX years old in February.  This totally blows my mind.  Time seems to be slipping through my fingers so quickly these days.

--my oldest son just turned ELEVEN years old last Saturday {please refer to aforementioned about time passing much too fast for my liking}.

---We have a wonderful new Pope who I really feel good about!  I really did not know anything about Pope Francis {previously known as Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio}.  We were privileged to witness a good deal of the happenings when they were occurring.  One of the perks of homeschooling is that you are able to live in the here and now and bear witness to wonderful life changing events!  I still remember when Pope John Paul II became the pontiff when I was a child.  I did not understand too much about it, but, thought it was so exciting nonetheless!  My boys were absolutely thrilled to be part of it.  They sat in amazement watching and waiting his arrival.  It was a blessed day for all Catholics indeed.
Pope Francis has an aura of goodness about him.  I cannot really put it into words, but, I truly feel he is going to be an important part of history.  You can almost feel his humility and simplicity and caring when you see him.

----We celebrated a joyous Easter and were truly blessed by a fruitful Lent.  I really love Lent.  It probably sounds odd, but, I do.  I love to take the time to slow down a bit and rest in the Jesus' goodness and strength.  It is a time to meditate on the important things in life and to *try* to be a bit more like Him.  I always find that I am a stronger person when Lent is upon us.  I need to try to keep up that work during the rest of the Liturgical Year :-)

-----We are wrapping up our school year and have about six weeks left to go, so, of course as any homeschooling momma will tell you, my mind has been working on plans for next year for the past few months.  We are going to join the Ambleside group and venture fully into Charlotte Mason territory.  I have been drawn to CM and Ambleside repeatedly over the past three years.  I am really excited about it and look forward to a great year!  We made the switch this year to more living books and that has been fantastic and the boys have loved it!

On the horizon there are still three more birthdays before Memorial Day {myself, my dear husband and Kit Kat}.  Hopefully spring will get the memo and bring some warm sunny days our way.  We have been rehearsing for a play the past few months that will take place next month and the boys have been having a ball.  It is really cute and they've been learning the Charleston!  I am eagerly planning my gardens for this year too and getting that itch just to be outdoors!

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