Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Recovering After the Great Fall

It's been a little while since I have last checked in.
My computer had a major crash last week.  It is never a good thing to turn on your computer and be greeted with a totally black screen with white writing on it stating that your system is corrupt!

Fortunately our neighbor is a genius in this area and was wonderful and took my computer home and worked on it for days.  He is a student and really enjoyed the challenge.

 He and I have differing views of enjoying a challenge, lol! 

Three years ago it had been infected with a virus and the same thing happened.  It was at the shop for a week and I lost everything I had on it.  I am not big on backing up things that I should (pictures, documents and other things) and unfortunately this time around I cannot say I was better prepared for the great fall.

I sat that day and made peace with the idea of losing it all.
Losing all of our personal and financial documents that were gathered over the past four years.
Losing all of our homeschool records ( of course these were backed up with hard copies)  tons and tons of resources, bookmarks, shortcuts to great ideas and all of the planning I did over the past few months for the next school year.
Losing all of the pictures that I took for the past four years as well as many baby pictures of my boys.

I know you are probably thinking...why did she let herself be so vulnerable?  I don't have an answer, but, all I can say is that there is so much time in a day and time tends to get away from me most days.

So...I made peace with losing it all and really I was okay with it once I realized that I had at least 100+ pictures on Shutterfly that I had made into photobooks .  Once I realized that I felt fine.  It was really the pictures that bothered me.  The rest was just stuff and over time stuff can be recreated.

Of course I was trying to explain all of this to Lovey Dovey and as in his usual extremely precocious and totally sweet manner he said "Mommy, you don't need all of those pictures you have ME!"

How right he is!

I think the computer was waging war with me since I am trying my best to unplug more.  I really did not mean to totally unplug, lol!   Maybe it missed me?

Now I am coming out of the ashes...and believe it or not I found all of our stuff too!  The only thing I really lost was all of my music, but, that is fine.

It was really a cleansing of the soul.  I totally detached from my stuff and made peace with the idea of losing it all, because as Lovey Dovey told me I do have him  and that is the only thing that really matters.

So slowly I am rebuilding, reinstalling and recreating and will be saving things to a flash drive ;)

Maybe it is good to lose it all every once in a while.  It is very liberating and can put everything in perspective for you.

 A little deep cleaning is good for the soul!


  1. I'm thankful my beloved backs up everything frequently. yes, I do need all those photos!!! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I am so thankful you retrieved your photos...I would have been "grieving" over those! Oh yes, we do need those "wake-up" calls, don't we? What a blessing that you see the message amidst the mess. Hugs, my friend!