Thursday, June 7, 2012

Seeking Thanks and Joy Every Day

We have been making many changes around here the past few months.  Some good (most good) and some a little hesitant to make, but, all are necessary changes.  As I write this I am typing from a new spot in my house that I like in theory, but, it is right in the middle of it all and is not very conducive to being all that thoughtful, but, maybe it is supposed to be this way to make sure I am not online for very long, lol!

The changes we are making are mostly home renovations involving moving rooms around, finishing a room (or two) and just really trying to make our home more organized in the long run so it will free up more time to spend with each other.
 2 parents + 3 boys + 1 border collie makes for quite a ruckus most days ;)

While in the midst of all of these changes....I find myself at a standstill to many things I want to do.  I am only able to get to a certain point and then something stops me from completing it.  Nothing major, but, things out of my control.  I have a few things rolling around in my mind that are half done that I would love to complete.  I am trying to look at it from the point of view that maybe it is not supposed to be done that way right now and that God will show me a better way to do these few things.

Either way this has led me to feeling stagnant over the past few weeks and just not as motivated as I would like to be.

So....I have decided to give thanks in the simple every day things that provide so much love and joy in life.  I am thankful for it all, but, sometimes forget to actually offer up thanks for all of the precious gifts that I receive daily.

Sometimes when we get too caught up in doing things our way we can forget the sweet simpleness of life that God intended.

Today I am giving thanks for...

Sweet little boys that hop into bed at 5:30 am to snuggle with his parents

 And for boys on the brink of manhood that still like to watch Thomas the Tank Engine with his little brothers.  I know these days are lingering and will most likely not last too much longer :(

Most of all, today I am thankful for finding a dear friend!

 Lovey Dovey could not find his Yoshi last night at bedtime.  Why is it that beloved friends disappear at bedtime?  We searched all over this morning for Yoshi.  I am a little sappy when they lose their lovies.  I feel badly for them and the lost one.  I have been known to make my husband climb into a dumpster to retrieve  Handsome's very first Thomas the Tank Engine train that his grandfather gave him.  Fortunately my dear husband is as sentimental as his wife!

So after many prayers to St. Anthony and an hour of searching, Yoshi is back where he belongs and for that we are THANKFUL.


  1. St. Anthony is in overdrive mode with his feast day coming up!! God will show you where He is guiding you to make changes or move here or there. I know how impatient I can be, but truly it is His plan and His (perfect) timing and I try to remind myself of that when I feel stagnant. Those bedtime stuffed animals are big at our house too, and they seem to be lost at bedtime a lot!! :)

  2. Hi Ann-Marie~I hear ya! Boy, I can relate and agree...Sometimes, we have to just let go, and let God:) Hope you are having a nice summer and enjoy those simple blessings. Peace and love of Christ, dear friend!

  3. thank you for your comments today, Ann-Marie. God's wonderous works are everywhere.