Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our Lenten Altar

Each year I do a little more for different liturgical times throughout the year.
This is the first year we have had a home altar for Lent and I am so happy I decided to do this. The idea came to me a few weeks ago and I set it up over the weekend and when each of my sons saw it they loved it! Actually one came shopping with me when we found some great things at the Dollar Tree. He enjoyed it more than I did I believe :D We found wonderful votive holders complete with scripture engraved on the inside and ceramic crosses too. My son reminded me that we needed to get TWO crosses, not just one, as we needed three in total and he had already given me the one in the middle a few years back for Christmas. Love that he remembered that!

Here is what we have for this year...

And here is a cute countdown journey that I made three years ago and we use it each year. The caterpillar takes his 40 day journey to become a beautiful butterfly. The cute printable Lenten calendar came from Catholic Icing. Last year we decided to take a journey with Jesus on his last days. We made a collage with scripture and pictures showing His last days before His ultimate gift of love to us all.

I still am working on some Stations of the Cross and will share when I am done with those. I need to get cracking as I want to begin that tomorrow!

Hope you are all having a very blessed Lent!


  1. Hi Ann-Marie. :) I can't seem to find your email address, but you won the giveaway by guessing Posy's birthday, and I'd love to send you your prize. :) Can you email me at amongstlovelythings (at) gmail (dot) com?

    (p.s. I love the Dixie Chicks song you have on here- that was one of the songs on my labor CD)

  2. What a beautiful altar. isn't it exciting when our children show enthusiasm !! Love your countdown Lenten calendar too. I always like to hang up my daughter's liturgical colorings too. It reinforces their importance and builds their self esteem!

  3. What Lenten loveliness, Ann- Marie! Those cross and scripture votives were a great find:). Your countdown is really neat... It's so fun to take a peek into the world of our fellow faith warriors. It's so beautiful and encouraging! Thank you for sharing:)

  4. Thank you ladies! You are all so sweet! Tiffany, I meant to mention how beautiful your house looks and include the link, but, little people came walking by and one thing led to another and I forgot! Gardenia, I am going to start those prayer slips today. The boys will love them!
    Sarah, I sent you an email :D Just thinking about that sweet little baby of yours makes me smile! She is such a lovely little one!