Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Cleaning is Good for Your Soul

Wow that felt really good!
I spent most of the day cleaning, sorting and just letting go of a bunch of our stuff.
It truly amazes me how much stuff I have managed to accumulate in twelve years of marriage. Of course those twelve years of marriage produced three little blessings that make my stuff multiply these days.

I resolved this morning to really make an effort to get rid of stuff that just does not get used and manages to clutter up our minds and hearts. between my usual daily tasks of teaching, cleaning, cooking, laundry and prayer I spent put all of my energy into doing just that...

decluttering our lives and it FELT GOOD!

Really good actually.

It has been quite some time since I have gone to town like that.

I even dusted. Dusting is a task that I don't particularly love. I think most likely because I did so much of it as a child that I just don't like it, but, it does need to be done. It had not been done in a while (umm... almost a month to be honest). While I was dusting and loving (not so much really) every minute of it, I did enjoy the idea that I was dusting away all of the things that clog up our hearts, minds and homes. Dust is like any else that clogs and interferes with holiness. It is something that starts off small and left unattended for any period of time, just takes over. Of course dust is trivial in the grand scheme of things, but, if you look at it in regards to prayer or lack thereof, dust can take over a beautiful area filled with beloved treasures and make it very unattractive. The same can be said of our prayer life. If it is left unattended and we just do the bare necessities that are asked of us we will also get cluttered on the inside with cobwebs of the soul.

I know alot of people look at Lent as a negative time of self deprivation, but, I personally love it. I think it is a wonderful time for introspection, reflection and renewal. A time to put away our natural tendencies to be overwhelmed running from here to there and just slow down and spend time with the Lord in prayer.

I love how Lent is the same time of year as Spring and Spring cleaning! It is a wonderful time to rejoice in our Savior and all that He does for us and take that extra step to make our hearts, souls and all that we are a better place for Him to dwell. The more we cleanse ourselves, the more room He has for helping us to live His will.

The great purge does continue daily and we are no where near done, but, for today it feels great and very rewarding all around.


  1. Boy, I sure need to go to town like that! I know I would feel so much better. Dusting out our physical house is almost necessary to dusting out our spiritual house, isn't it? I love how you made everything a prayer and ditto on your view of Lent. Great post, dear friend!

  2. I can't wait until we can open the wondows and let some fresh air inside!! soon, I hope. You really cleaned up!