Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mid Lenten Assessment and the Need to Slow Down

So here we are on day 19 and just about halfway through Lent already! It always blows me away how fast we make the journey from Ash Wednesday to Easter each year. I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on our progress thus far. The first two weeks were met with great enthusiasm and we really made an effort to repent, reflect and rejuvenate. Last week particularly was phenomenal as I felt the Holy Spirit guiding me along my journey and made great strides in daily tasks (great week for purging!) and came to some good solutions on a few things that had been on my mind. I have not had a week that good in many months and the enthusiasm and euphoric feelings that accompanied the increased effort and attentiveness to His way were wonderful!

This week however has not been as fruitful and has led to feelings of being somewhat overwhelmed and hurried. I naturally am a fixer by nature and always trying to make our lives better, be it simplifying or trying to come up with a better way to do things (mostly in the homeschooling or organizational area of life). For the past month my thoughts have been of this nature. I feel rushed frequently and do not enjoy that at all. I would hate to think how much more rushed I would be if my kids went to school and there was all of that extracurricular activity that occurred after school! Makes my mind spin!

I actually need some time just to sit, peacefully with a cup of tea and reflect.
It is not looking good for that to happen this week, but, there is always hopes for the weekend.
I need to just sit and not think. I am not good at not thinking. There have been many nights were I struggle to not think and just peacefully drift off to sleep or back to sleep as the night may play out. I am a thinker over-thinker by nature.

I need to sit, quietly in Jesus' presence and just listen as He speaks to me.
Like I said, these days I am feeling very rushed and when I do take time to meditate, sit quietly, play with my kids my mind is usually on to the next task already. For example, I really do not need to be putting my thoughts down here right now, but, I figure if I do it is a good reality check and reflection as long as I keep it simple.

That is the simplify things...all things in moderation.
That is also a good way to look at Lent. It is a time to reflect on our lifestyles and how we view life, people and things and to put them all in to the proper perspective. It is nice to have things and go to wonderful places , but, when things take over our lives we lose our way in life and feel empty inside.

Each day I begin in prayer before I get out of bed and pray for guidance for that day. Then I get out of bed and there are days where it is more like shot out of a cannon. Someone should be standing near me yelling "And she's off!" I do my daily tasks for the morning like all moms do and then we begin school and before I know it, it is time for lunch. Then we take a little break...Momma reads some scripture and the boys are free to play for a while. Next we begin school again for the afternoon block. Once that is completed we have free time to do whatever we want. I say the Divine Mercy Chaplet, the boys run around and play (mostly outside this week enjoying the gorgeous weather) and then it's almost time to make dinner. In between all of the busyness I run from room to room from child to child and loads of laundry and dishes and a barking dog thinking there must be a simpler way to do all of this.

This is the quest I am find a way that is more simple relaxed and glorifies God and reflects His will. I know that there is no easy fix and that the only way I will find this is by slowing myself and my family down to listen to Him.

That is what I have planned for the remainder of Lent.
We will take small steps to continue our efforts of penance, reflection and rejuvenation while in the midst of the great purge (love finding new homes for things we have not touched in so long!).
I still am itching to find that quick fix that does not exist and let me tell you I have countless books sitting on my nightstand about finding peace and organization to prove it.

I could very easily go on more about this topic, but, my timer just went off to let me know it is time to prepare dinner and then I have some lesson plans that need to be written and a little knitting I would like to do, before making the last great dash towards the finish line for the day.

Hope you are all well and enjoying your own Lenten journeys!


  1. it's so easy to feel overwhelmed during Lent, and I usually do! I like your thoughts on sitting still and listening. The Lord can tell us so much if we will be silent and listen! God bless your Lent.

  2. What Divine providence that we are on the same wavelength! Praying for you, my friend! Thank you for your prayers as well:) Wishing you some moments of peace and a quiet mind...I know what you mean about that! God love you:)