Friday, March 9, 2012

My Most Important Top Ten List

I had a very odd encounter this morning. I went to an appointment I had and made small talk with a person who was there. She asked where I worked and I replied that I have three small boys and that we homeschool (said with a big grin on my face). She looked at me and told me point blank that I need to stop doing that immediately and need to get my sanity back. Usually these off the cuff rude comments about homeschooling don't bother me and this one did not either. She must have thought it was important though since she felt compelled to mention it again later {sigh}.

WOW...was I taken back! Not only did I not know this woman, but, nothing like being told point blank that something that is near and dear to your heart was totally wrong. She did not rub me as a warm fuzzy type that would be a good fit for homeschooling anyway. Not everyone is meant to homeschool and I will be the first person to admit that it is hard work. It is not all hearts and roses and running through fields of daisies plucking a few as we skip merrily through life.

It is work that is not meant for the weak of heart. Like any part of parenting, you get out of it what you put into it. You really do reap what you sow! If you put little effort into something and there is no diligence involved, then you will most likely see very little in the way of results. I know because there are weeks that I am not as prepared as I would like to be and sometimes it shows in the amount of work we get done. Fortunately those weeks are not often, and usually their is a little Divine Intervention that helps steer us in the right direction.

Here is my top ten list why I homeschool, not in any particular order:

1. Because I want my children to learn life lessons from their parents, not strangers and their peers.

2. Because there is more to life that can be missed out on if you are sitting behind a desk 6 hours a day. There is so much happening around us each and every day that kids can miss out on.

3. Because nobody knows my children better than I do. I know their strengths and weaknesses and can accommodate them accordingly. If we need to take extra time to work on something we can and it is wonderful to be able to do that and not have to rush off to the next subject!

4. Because we can take the time to enjoy life to its fullest. Since we are not tied down to a calendar someone else sets, we are able to fulfill the required hours of work and take time off when we want. We begin in early August and end in May just when the weather gets nice so we can enjoy!

5. Because I don't want to fear for my child's safety anymore than I need to.

6. Because I want to teach them virtues, values and good character traits. My children know that people are more important than things and to me this is lesson #1.
Big fan of The Golden Rule :D

7. Because each and every child is different and there is no cookie cutter mold that my kids fit in to. I want to give my sons every opportunity to shine and show off their own special talents.

8. Because I want them to know and serve the Lord and keep Him centered in their lives.

9. Because for my family it is the right thing to do. Homeschooling is not for everyone and I understand that, but, for me there is nothing in the world I would rather be doing. I feel I have been called to homeschool and that this is my state in life at this time.

10. Because social skill excellence by homeschoolers is much greater than most people believe. Most homeschooled children learn superior social skills (such as sharing, being kind, helping others, working together) at home with a parent supervising better than they would in a school setting where individual supervision is minimal. Socialization is always the first thing someone points to when you mention homeschooling. I have even had rude vendors at Walmart throw that one in my face. I always respond by saying if my boys were any more social, I would have to lock them up! When you homeschool, the sky is the limit. You can really do it all and there is so much out there. My boys are in various sports, choir, cubscouts, music lessons and church school. They are active in our church and now there is a place for them and feel welcomed wherever they go. They interact with people of all ages and have good manners and concern for others

So as I walked away from this odd encounter today I am reminded of the reasons that I made the decision to homeschool five years ago. Today the reasons are the same and I would not trade it for anything. As far as I am concerned we are living our life to the fullest and are abundantly and truly blessed!

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  1. Great list, Ann-Marie. the boldness of some people always amazes me ! ((I so love your St. Augustine quote under your blog header.))