Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Lovey Dovey!

My youngest son turned FIVE today!
To me this is a huge milestone telling me that *sigh* he is not a baby anymore :(
I don't know what it is about FIVE that makes the crossover from baby to little boy, but, it is there. I began the morning like I do every time it is one of my boys birthdays with quietly reminiscing about their births before my feet even hit the floor.

The night I went into labor with Lovey Dovey it was a gorgeous star filled night in an extremely snowy February. There was so much snow that February that we were nervous that I would be able to get to the hospital to have a VBAC which was 40 minutes away. God was indeed with us that night as after days upon days of feet of snow, the roads were clear and safe travels commenced.

After my feet hit the floor this morning, I sat and watched Lovey Dovey sleeping quietly his last few minutes of four year old sleep. As with all celebrations in our home my other two sons were up by 6:00 a.m. to celebrate! I woke Lovey Dovey this morning a few minutes before 6:17 a.m. to give him his birth minute kiss. I know...I am a little sappy, but, these minutes only come once a year and to me they are extra special!

Speaking of extra special, I love that his birthday is on Ash Wednesday this year. Nice way to start off Lent! Handsome will turn TEN this year on Good Friday too!

We had a little family party today after lunch. Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa and a few friends came over too. Since Lovey Dovey is on a special gluten, nuts, egg and milk free diet I usually make dueling for him and one for everyone else. This year I decided we are all going to have his cake and it was yummy! He was thrilled that we were all eating his cake too.

We are remodeling part of our home and the room we celebrated in is going to be our bedroom shortly. There is work still needed to be done on it, but, it's coming along. My husband and Handsome did a really nice job decorating it for the party.

Happy Birthday, Lovey Dovey! Just so you know, you will always be my baby!


  1. Happy big 5 birthday to your lil man ! lovely cake and decorations.

  2. Happy 5th birthday to your sweet little Lovey Dovey! How neat and special to have 2 Lenten birthdays this year. (My Mom's birthday is the 22nd too and dear hubs today:) Have a very blessed Lenten journey, dear friend. I could SO relate to your note on my Faceless post. Thank you for your support and encouragement...It's been such a gift getting to know you this past year!