Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Lent is a very special time for me.

Although I was born and raised a Catholic I never truly came alive in my faith until two years ago during Lent. I picked up a booklet that my church gives out during Lent with the daily readings to be done along with a little mediation. I have read these booklets numerous times, but, never before picked up my Bible to read the accompanying scripture. That year I gave it a whirl and have been doing so faithfully for two years now each and every day. I never miss it. It is my fifteen minute rejuvenation that I desperately need each day!

That little act of faith has bestowed so many graces on me and my family in the past two years that are too numerous to name. Each little gesture on my behalf has led to another gesture and furthering my love for Jesus and faith in God unbelievably. Like I said I was born and raised a Catholic, even went to Catholic school. I did everything that was expected of me. I loved God and believed and said my prayers, but, never longed for God like I do now. I went to church each week with my family because it was expected, not because I wanted to and it was the longest 60 minutes of my week! Now I go because I love to and am sad when it is over because it went by so fast! My kids don't agree with my thoughts about it flying by, but, I know they look forward to going.

My conversion brought me on a journey that I am still in the midst of as we speak.
It led me to read wonderful works of the saints and watching many religious shows that have deepened and clarified my knowledge of Catholicism and my faith as well.

This past year was a tremendously challenging year for my family and I believe that God was preparing me for that over the past year or so. I can honestly say that if I had not made the little effort to pick up that booklet, that I would not have weathered those storms very well last year. I did pick up a few extra crosses last year that honestly I could have lived very well without, but, I know that there is meaning in them that I am finding a little at a time.

I am now a Eucharistic Minister, a member of my Parish Council and have a Spiritual Director. If you had mentioned any of these things to me three year ago, I would have thought you were crazy! These are things I never considered before and now absolutely adore! I now understand that we need to seek the Kingdom first and all else will be provided. These are lessons I am trying to instill in my children one little step at a time.

Each day is a new journey and I look forward to walking it with Jesus by my side guiding me to seek what I can do for Him.


  1. Beautiful conversion and story, Ann-Marie! May you continue to be showered by the abundant graces of God, especially during this special Lenten anniversary. Thank you for sharing your heart:)

  2. Thank you, Tiffany. Lent is extra special for both of us :D Hope you are well and enjoying the week.