Sunday, July 17, 2011

It Really Doesn't Get Much Better Than This!

We have had such a fun weekend that I just have to share!
It began Friday as we headed back to Cubscout camp for a big BBQ and campfire. My two oldest boys went to overnight camp earlier in the week with their Dad for three days and LOVED it! They did manly things like fishing, shooting bb guns and archery...Rrrr Rrrr Rrrr (said in my best Tim Allen voice, lol!) They has such fun that we will make it a family event next year and all camp out at Cubscout camp! We are going into our fourth year of scouts and they are still loving it!

Yesterday we made a day of it at the beach! We are blessed to live five minutes from a gorgeous state park that has a nice lake too and we try to spend as much time as possible there during the summer (fall and spring too). It was a hot gorgeous day yesterday and there was no better place to be to kick back, eat some yummy food and play in the water!

Today we went to church this morning and my oldest son who just became an altar server has been itching each week to hop up on that altar and sits in the pew and asks me if he can serve even if it's not his scheduled time. He really does enjoy it. was about ten minutes before Mass was about to begin and I had not seen any altar servers yet so I sent him in :D Good things too since only one other girl showed up. Our deacon was away on vacation this week. I have just become a Eucharistic Minister, but, will not be on the new schedule until fall but our Pastor told me to feel free to join in if they needed one during the summer. Well I made my debut today and was blessed to be able to give the Blood of Christ to the parishioners. I loved it too! I was up there with a HUGE smile on my face the whole time and really enjoyed being able to do it! I had agreed with my oldest son when he decided to be an altar server that I would do this. I have wanted to do it for some time and finally am :-) I also recently became part of our Parish Council and have been feeling the call to service.

So...after Mass we all headed to Walmart to do a little grocery shopping. It was hysterical as my youngest son was holding on to the end of the shopping cart yelling WOOHOO!! All Aboard! He loves trains. People were laughing so hard. He really is a funny little man!

We came home to make some home made pizza for lunch and my oldest son wants to make his own pizzeria one day and call it Mom's Pizzeria. He helped me make the pizzas and did such an awesome job! They were so yummy!
Here is the my proud son with the pizza he made:

Here is my other son serving a slice:

Here is a menu for our future pizzeria. The prices seem very reasonable too ;)

Now I am off to play trains with one of the cutest conductors in the world!
Like I said...I am truly blessed to be the Mom of three little cuties!

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  1. So happy to hear about all of your fun! All 3 of our boys are in scouts too. It's a blessing that our Parish Knights of Columbus sponsor our Cubscout Pack. In fact my oldest son (almost 18) is soon to make his Eagle! Congrats on serving the Lord to you and your son today...what grace outpoured:)