Thursday, June 30, 2011

Life Happens

Well it has been almost six weeks since my last post. I guess we have been getting caught up in a few things. Getting caught up on wrapping up the school year, necessary paperwork for the past year and year to come, planning and purchasing curriculum for the upcoming year, writing lessons plans (this seems to be a never ending process for me that I really must simplify), caught up in trying to plan fun things for the summer and making sure we actually do these fun things! There are also little things that catch my time like little people that need my attention, love and just being there. There have been a few colds running through our house which are usually unheard of in the summer and truly unwelcomed! Unfortunately there has been some heartache for friends experiencing trials and tragedy too. They always remain in our hearts and prayers that God will keep them close especially during their time of need.

I have managed to read a few wonderful books since I last posted.
I have read and highly recommend:
Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne
A Woman's Passionate Pursuit of God by Karol Ladd (LOVE her books! Cannot say enough about how great and inspirational they are,)
How to Listen When God is Speaking byFr. Mitch Pacwa

With that all said, I promise to *try* to post more in the future. I have found that the past few months of sharing has not only helped me to stay focused, but, also to remain on the path that God has chosen for our family :D


  1. I loved Simplicity Parenting! I did a whole post about it on my blog one time - great book! Preparing for, planning for, and thinking about homeschool does take a lot of time!! Hope you have a most blessed summer :)

  2. Hi Ann Marie~ Great to have you back! Sometimes I think that I need to take a break from this silly computer...good for you:) I haven't read any of those books so will have to check them out. God Bless your summer!

  3. Thanks ladies! Jen, I read your post on Simplicity Parenting and that is what prompted me to buy it. It goes along with Project Living Simply that I have been implementing the past year (purge, purge purge...less is much better!). As much as I love the planning stage of homeschooling, I think at times I tend to overplan some aspects and miss out on summer activities as a result if that makes sense. Tiffany I wish I could say that I had taken a break from my computer. Although I was not online for enjoyment, I was still here working on my Alphabet path for my littlest one :-) and it was pretty time consuming.
    I hope to chat with you both soon!

    I hope you both are having a very blessed summer as well :D