Sunday, May 15, 2011

Great Books Provide Great Inspirations!

I have been reading a *fabulous* new book called The Power of a Positive Mom (thank you Jen for the recommendation!) and it is so simplistic in it's inspiration. It truly is a wonderful book that I will no doubt re-read again and again. The book gently reminds us that if you are a mother there are many things that we do (intentionally and unintentionally) that will greatly influence the world and that it is our responsibility as good caring parents to be the most positive influence in our the lives of our children.

Last night I read two chapters about the importance of us parents making new friends and that sometimes we tend to let friendships (new and old) go by the wayside as a result of the ongoing busyness in our lives. One chapter in particular mentioned about the importance of having a mentor mom. She may be someone that has grown children of her own and has had much experience of her own to add to a friendship. There is a wonderful couple that sits behind us in church and we have gotten very friendly with them over the past few months. They enjoy seeing my sons in church and they really are such sweet people. I would really love to get to know them better.

So...after reading that chapter I decided to ask the woman to tea sometime next week. She was truly happy that I did and I am looking forward to my new friendship!

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  1. How fabulous that you were able to reach out to that woman at church...great job! I will have to add this book to my list:-) Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reflections!