Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer

Ahhh.....I love summer! 
I cannot believe it is August 1st today and that I have not been here in one month!

Yikes on  both accounts!

We have been enjoying a pretty relaxed summer this year and just taking in all of God's glory and the beautiful nature that is all around us.

We truly are blessed to see so much of it in our own backyard!

This year we had many visitors to our birdhouse.

The summer began with a black capped chickadee that laid her three eggs in the house.

This is the sweetest little bird that sings such beautiful songs!

Black Capped Chickadee

Once her little ones flew the coop, we were graced with another black capped chickadee momma and her babies.

And last, but, not least last week we waved goodbye to two little house wrens that were ready to fly away.  Their momma made such an elaborate nest that I really never thought she was going to lay her eggs.  Her nesting process took well over a month to complete.  House wrens are small birds and they make an incredible nest made out of twigs that are really much bigger than they are, so to watch their nest being built is amazing.  The amount of time, effort and patience that goes into it is unbelievable!

House Wren

We are normally blessed to have gorgeous birds gracing our back yard.  Beautiful Cardnials, Blue Jays and American Goldfinches are seen here frequently.

Over the weekend we even had a flock of Turtle Doves that stopped by.

You can see a group of them in this tree if you look closely.  There must have been about 25 total that came that day.

 We always get lots of bunnies visiting too.  Love them!

We went away on vacation to the mountains a few weeks back and saw a raven!  It was just hanging around at our camp.  It was HUGE!

 While I was taking a walk with Handsome one morning we came across a doe and her fawns that were nursing and grazing at the same time.  SO sweet!


 And also spotted a momma turkey and her babies.

The most exciting animal we spotted was a Black Bear.  No picture to share of that one!  Right as we were packing the car to leave camp one came scooting down our lane looking for food. 

Since being home from camp I have seen a hawk seven times this week.  So graceful flying around in the sky.

This is not my video, but, it is very cool to watch a hawk!
Hawk in flight

The gardens are growing.  I planted a bit late this year due to lots and lots of spring rain, but, it's coming.
We planted tomatoes, beans, snap pea pods, lettuce, zucchini, winter squash, jalapeno peppers, corn, carrots and spices.

I have many pictures from camp to sort and share, but, wanted to stop by and say hello :-) 

Hope you are having a wonderful summer.


  1. beautiful wildlife photos, Ann-Marie. God bless your summer, as it winds down!! we are definitely feeling cooler temps here.

  2. Isn't nature such a beautiful place to experience God's glory with all of our senses? I know your vacation must have been wonderful family time! Praying all is well with you:)