Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking Forward to a ***Fabulous***New Year

Happy New Year to All!
I don't know about anyone else, but, I am absolutely and completely thrilled to see 2011 end! The past year has been challenging to say the least and I am glad to wave buh-bye to it!

It was filled with much confusion, tension and fear. Not to go into too much detail, but, over the past year I have been having lower abdominal pain that would present itself in the way of bloating and distention. I had a CT scan in November which showed that 1/3 of my gallbladder is filled with stones, but, after a visit to a surgeon she reassured me that since I am asymptomatic she did not have to intervene. After many visits to the doctor and a referral to a GI I have discovered through many tests (of which I pushed to have since I want to be VERY proactive about this) I have been told that my terminal ileum is inflamed and may have very mild Crohn's disease. I was told this three days before Christmas and it really sent my emotions into a tailspin. This was NOT supposed to end like this. I got my last and final test for the year and it was supposed to clear everything and confirm my thoughts on IBS.

Well...it didn't.

The doctor I went too had nothing to offer in way of modifying my diet, but, did tell me that it was okay to buy a winter coat and not to make out my will just yet. And oh yeah, he sent me on my way with a ton of medication samples and prescriptions too. Did I mention that I have an appt with a new GI this month?

I have always been very healthy, until this year. This year has been very stressful on me and I can honestly admit that I would run to food for comfort. Not overindulge, per se, but I would never miss a snack at night before going to bed. Not a healthy snack either ;)

So...after about a week of disbelief and mourning I spoke with my brother-in-law who is a chiropractor (lots of these in our family...husband and father-in-law are too) and he put me in touch with a close friend of his (also a DC) who specializes in nutrition and he walked me through a plan to detoxify my body. I had already decided to be gluten and dairy free and had done this four years ago while nursing my youngest son after discovering his allergies to all nuts, wheat, dairy and egg. Let me say that it was much easier when it was for his little body and not my own!

So...I began my journey yesterday. A good way to begin the new year :D
I am off all dairy and plan to be totally off gluten by next week, but, am cutting my consumption down to one serving per day until then. I am on fish oil, Vitamins B,C,E,D, CoQ10, Selenium, Zinc and Probiotics in hopes of healing from within.

It has been only one day so far, but, I can tell you I feel different. I woke up and my stomach did not sound like an angry cat was in there trying to get out! The part that has been bothering me feels a bit better too. It never really hurt, but, felt puffy and just not right and warm. It feels flatter today and not warm at all. If I had not gone through the allergy aspect of it with my son, I would never believe that I could feel somewhat better immediately, but like I said I have been there, done that with him and it is possible!

I had a thought this morning that maybe, just maybe this is the way that things are supposed to be. Maybe God is trying to draw my attention to heal myself. If I had received the news that everything was okay, I would have made no changes at all and remain suffering on and off forever. This way, whether it is Crohn's or not (HOPING NOT) I am being proactive and doing the very best that I can to help myself.

Trying to remain upbeat and positive, so...here is to a healthy, happy and healing 2012!

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  1. Oh my goodness, Ann-Marie. My heart and prayers are with you! I pray that your year is healthy, both physically and spiritually. God is definitely calling you closer to Himself!