Tuesday, May 3, 2011

There Really Needs to be 27.5 Hours in a Day

Homeschooling can really be both a blessing and a challenge at times.

I find myself waking in the morning refreshed (most mornings anyway) and ready to take on the day. Said day progresses with breakfast, morning chores and a quick check of email and off to school! Before I know it lunch time has rolled around and we take a break for a little while. The little people let off lots of energy and then it's off to school again for my oldest while the younger ones and I do various things around the house.

I begin each week by making a list of things to do. I have a nice system where I divide my tasks into four categories: places to go, school (short term goals for the week), home (long term goals that I *try* to work on) and miscellaneous. It really is a great list and would work so much better if there were 27.5 hours in each day!

Every day it seems that 3pm rolls around a little earlier than the day before. I know it is not possible, but, it feels that way to me, lol! It is 3:12 pm as I write this post ;) This time in the afternoon warns of the day coming to a close. It is almost time to make dinner, more things to clean before going to bed, little ones that need baths, books read to them and cuddling. Before I know it is bedtime again and that long list remains unattended.

I am trying to become more organized and at the same time *trying* to embrace that "With God all things are possible." Some days it is easier than others and I am getting better at realizing that I am doing what *needs* to be done for that given day.

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