Wednesday, April 27, 2011

There's No Place Like Home!

Dorothy had it right....there IS no place like your own home!

We just returned from a two week trip to South Carolina. My husband attended a Chiropractic seminar in the town where we used to live and we all tagged along! One of the perks on homeschooling is that you can pick up and take vacation when you want.

I was not too happy about traveling during Lent and truly wanted to stay home, but, we all headed to SC! Let me tell you that three little boys in one van makes for a looooooooong car ride indeed. Little people have little bladders and no matter how many stops you make it never seems to be enough! The weather and traffic ( unfortunately we were part of three major traffic jams which resulted in bumper to bumper traffic for over an hour) were not cooperative either way for our journey and it made for some weary travelers. Once we arrived home I swore it would be quite some time before I would take that kind of adventure again. Keeping in mind that this was our third car trip to SC in 6 years, that does speak volumes that I really did not enjoy the ride very much.

Once we arrived in SC the weather and people were gorgeous and welcoming! We stayed with friends and took in all of our favorite sites! I swear we went to at least 15-20 parks and playgrounds in the 10 days we were there.

While I was there I was itching to get back home and finish our Lenten journey and thoughts of spring, decluttering my house (a seemingly never ending task), planning my vegetable gardens, and begin planning curriculum for next year danced through my mind! I always enjoy this time of year.

It is truly amazing and so ironic at times the way that our Lord works. I left not happy at all to be making this journey especially at this time of year and I returned having learned some wonderful Lenten lessons. I can say that Jesus was with me very much during this trip...from trying to keep little boys busy in a friends' home without always causing so much commotion (boys tend to be loud when they play, lol) to praying unceasingly during such dense fog on Rte 81 where visibility was zero which resulted in a double tractor trailer accident and we were almost rear ended by one ourselves! He truly was there for me in my times of need and was able to help me stay calm during some treacherous travel.

On our trip I learned...
  • how much I missed my daily routines that can get tiresome at times.
  • that I missed my home and what a nice home it is! Our home has been under construction and we are trying to make it more accommodating for the five of us. I really missed it!
  • ten days is five days too many to stay with even the best of friends.
  • one week of vacation is good, but, two becomes more like work!
  • that I am doing a good job raising my boys! It probably sounds silly, but, being a homeschooling mom you don't get alot of feedback at times. I had opportunities to see how kind and sweet and compassionate my boys are and to me that is some of the most important things we can pass on to our children.
  • I love my God, my life, my family and am so very blessed to receive God's graces daily!
  • there really is no place like home and I would not trade it for the world!

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