Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Have Been So Inspired Lately and Wanted To Say Thanks!

Again I *love* how things work! As anyone who looks at my blog can see I do not post very often at all, lol! I began the blog a few years ago really as a journal of sorts to capture of homeschooling journey, but, time passed and I got busy. I always get busy, lol!

In the beginning of Lent I looked at my blog again and thought...hmmm maybe I should write something some time :-) I then decided to look for some Lenten things to place on my blog....maybe a ticker or countdown to Lent perhaps. I Googled looking for such and I found SO much more! It was a wonderful gift from God actually that I found Tiffany has really inspired me so much and I absolutely love reading her blog! I have only been reading a short time, but, reading her posts are like visiting with a good friend :-) From her blog I was also blessed to find Jen and Lacy! These are three truly inspirational and creative women dedicated to God's calling of raising and teaching their children at home and have SO much to share. I love visiting them daily and seeing what new and fun things they have to share! I love the way Divine Providence works! I have been trying to find interesting new ideas to share with my boys and here are my answers :-)

I am going to *try* to post more frequently. Baby steps, right?

Thank you ladies!

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  1. Ann-Marie ~ thanks for the kinds words, and thanks for reading :) Tiffany and Lacy are inspirational to me too!