Monday, August 24, 2009

Teaching two!

Today was our first day of school and we had such fun. The boys were SO excited about our new workbox system too and you would really have thought it was more like Christmas than school ;) They loved the way the boxes were decorated with their favorite Thomas the Tank Engine characters and then once the work inside the box was completed the engines were replaced by little happy smiley faces. Who could resist a smiley face?

The morning consisted of baking double chocolate muffins to begin the day ( a regular first day of school celebration of ours) and then on to fun things like reading, writing, coloring, math, decorating our calendars, making name cards (sounds funny since we know each other, but they requested it), phonics and my favorite new find...journaling! My boys LOVE to journal so I got them each their own journal and they are so cool. I actually want one...shhh!

It went so well and we were able to get all of our work done in the morning so there is lots of time left to play this afternoon =)

Have to take the first day of school photoMmm...muffins!

This is A's name card and it says his name, my name and HAPPY SCHOOL. How sweet!
Nicholas' has our home and his Dad's car on one side with balloons too.
Here they both are hard at work having fun.

This weekend we have also been working on our entry for the Raingutter Regata tonight for cubscouts. Here is a picture of our sailboat.

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