Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Top Five Reasons Gardening Is Good for the Soul

1.  It promotes Diligence.

Nobody likes to weed.  Admit it, if you had a choice you probably would chose not to weed a garden.  Weeding is like anything else that promotes good habits...exercising, losing weight, eating right, raising need to get in there and not be afraid to do the work and get dirty!

2.  It promotes Leisure.

While you are in there with your hands filled with dirt {which by the way is one of the best feelings in the world}, you have plenty of time to contemplate and give thanks for all of the beauty and blessings around you.  If you take the time to do this, I promise the rewards are many!

3.  It promotes Serenity.

How can you not feel better with being outside on a gorgeous summer afternoon and just soaking in all of the fresh air and sunshine!  It's all good and that is the way that God intended it to be!

4.  It promotes Forgiveness

Gardens are very fickle at times and if we are not on top of our game, we may not have much fruit when it comes harvest time!  I have learned over the years that if something is not thriving, it is time to cut our losses and pick up that hoe cause it's gotta go!  I have spent more than one season trying to revive something that is just not meant to be.  Instead, now I realize that it is not meant to grow at this time, make peace with that and in a way repent for the mistake made.  Gardening is definitely a learned hobby that over time and with each year I learn a bit more.

5.  It promotes Humility.

How can you go outside and take time to carefully observe nature and not know that you are in the midst of something amazing and bigger than you are?  It is at times like stepping into Wonderland as Alice did.  The sights, smells and sounds of summer are truly distinct from any other season and make you feel wonderful!

I try to get out to my garden every night after dinner and take a little time to make it better.  There are a thousand other things that I probably should be doing, but, this is a little piece of my day that I carve out to spend with nature, my garden and God and love every minute of it.  I make the garden better and being in nature more makes me a better person too :-)



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