Monday, December 2, 2013

Resting In My Father This Advent

Tomorrow is a big day at our home!

Each year, Lovey Dovey goes for his annual allergy testing to see how he is progressing with his food {and now environmental} allergies.  Each year I hold my breath and anxiously peak at his little back for the twenty minutes checking the welts that have reacted to the allergens injected in him while we await the results.  This is our seventh test and I am truly begging God for a Christmas miracle of sorts. 

Over the years his allergies have waxed and waned in intensity, but, have never reached the acceptable level to due a food challenge.  The numbers have come close at times, but, never quite close enough.

He has always been allergic to peanut, tree nuts, milk, egg {white and yolk}, wheat, dust and the past year we tacked on sesame seeds, ragweed, trees and grass to the mix.  I was pretty crushed with last year's results as not only did the numbers increase, but, we added environmental allergies to it as well :( I sit here in the beginning days of Advent, I am praying fiercely to my Father asking Him..

Lord . I am not worthy that You should enter under my roof, but, please, Father, please oh please, just say the word and Lovey Dovey's allergies will be healed.  

This is my year of faith and at times it is hard for me to walk in faith, especially with things that are out of my control. 

Each year I go into the testing with my smile on and breath held!  I always wish for the best, but, my best is not best.  I usually go into it with complete trepidation.  Not only is this HUGE for Lovey Dovey, but, my heart breaks for him all of the time with his allergies and I just pray that he outgrows some of them.  Not all of them. I *know* there is little chance realistically that he will outgrow nuts, but, I am fine with that and although the idea of it still scares the hell out of me most days, this is how we roll now at our home now.  There has not been a nut in my home for almost seven years now {well unless you include me!}.

Now that he is getting older, it is much harder for him, and me and all of our family when he sees someone eating something that smells and tastes so good and he cannot have any...ever.  He is SO good about it though and mostly takes it all in stride, but, he is only human and a little boy and there are days when the tears do come.  Like I have said many times before, this boy is my hero! He really is.  He takes is all in stride and understand is all so well for a six year old.  I think it helps him now that Momma has Crohn's disease and manages it through diet alone.  There are foods that I cannot eat now and he has some company now :-)

So...I wait until this time tomorrow for the results and I am doing my best to rest in Him and let Him handle this. I trust in His judgement and know that when His timing is right that something wonderful will happen for Lovey Dovey and his allergies.  I just know it!

Please say a prayer for Lovey Dovey if you can. We would be so very grateful if you did!

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