Saturday, November 16, 2013

Note to Self...

Happy Weekend to All!
Here is a list of things I want to check out...soon...when I get a free minute :-)

Sarah's fabulous post on Audio Lectures
and her debut at Circe!
Sarah always finds the greatest ones to listen to!

Homeschool Minder
Great place to keep organized online.

Christmas and Advent Goodies to Read
Elizabeth Foss just put out a great post loaded with all kinds of eye candy for us book lovers!

A sweet honey cowl to knit

FIAR for the older child
Thinking of bringing out FIAR again with the boys :-)

In the Heart of My Home
Elizabeth Foss has a great post on Apples and Artists that looks like a keeper!

The Lost Tools of Learning
Great piece from Dorothy Sayers that I found on Half a Hundred Acre Wood.

Leigh Bortinins book list of giving THANKS

MOB socitety BOY mom blog that looks interesting!

Half a Hundred Acre Wood Printables  Looking into more CC memory type of work to supplement what we're doing.

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