Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On Being a Prayer Warrior

I'm a mom.  I pray, ALOT.    That's what I do.

On a regular day I find myself beginning my day in prayer, praying throughout the day and ending each day with prayers.  I pray for my husband to be guided to do His will and to be happy, healthy and make wholehearted decisions regarding our family.  I pray for my sons.  I pray when they are happy, healthy, and hopeful and when they are not I pray even more!  I pray when I hear the siren of an ambulance, for people I know and those I do not.
Yesterday I even found myself praying for a dying skunk in our backyard!

More prayers=More love=More peace= knowing Jesus' love for us more and more

It also teaches us to slow down, breathe and focus on what is truly important in life.

And Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart. 
 Luke 2:19

Mary, the ultimate mother to us all, pondered many things in her heart always and taught us the true meaning of prayer and having faith.  She is a wonderful example of the power of prayer.

Each morning, before my feet hit the ground I offer this prayer for each of my sons.  
I tailor it specifically to the needs of each son.

I find myself praying throughout the day.
I continually offer prayers of thanksgiving, for all things big and little.
I pray for guidance.
I pray for strength.
I pray for courage, fortitude and clarity.
I pray for simplicity, increased faith and protection.
I pray for forgiveness.
And most of all I pray for buckets of grace to be poured over my little family.

When my family is hungry...I feed them
When they are cold...I give them warmth.
Why wouldn't I blanket their souls with love and prayers?

Praying teaches our children {and ourselves} compassion and a greater connection to everyone on Earth.  In our fast paced, self centric society those lessons are *golden.*  It is a great way to walk the walk and show just how much you love the Lord, yourself and your neighbors Matthew 22:37-39 

We also need to not forget to pray for ourselves!  We moms tend to lose ourselves at times on this blessed journey of motherhood.  We need *LOTS* of prayers.  We are the glue that holds our little homes together.  If our foundation is weak {Matthew 7:24-27} the structure will never be sound!  

Prayer feeds our soul. It provideslife and love to give to others.
There are many days {yesterday being one} where I fall down and need help from the Holy Spirit to guide me back on my way and this is where it begins...

 *In Prayer* 

Prayer will give you strength and guidance and wisdom and fortitude to continue on your most important journey of motherhood.  It provides forgiveness and compassion on those days when you need it most.  It just works.  It truly does.




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  1. Amen SISTER! I think prayer is my constant "fix" to keep my spirit balanced. I'd be a wreck without it! Thank you for sharing your beautiful and heartfelt thoughts and prayers!