Sunday, December 2, 2012

Preparing Our Hearts This Advent

On this blessed first day of Advent, we need to prepare for the journey to the Christ child that lies ahead.  We need to understand that God is in control, is Sovereign and is guiding us on the path through His Providence and this will all be apparent to us only at the His Second Coming.

He uses everything for His good.

He Must Increase....I Must Decrease

+ We need to keep vigilant and be prepared and make sure that our hearts are not hardened by refusal to repent for our sins. 

+ We must keep hearts of flesh to answer the call and satiate our craving for righteousness and grace in order to do His will.

+ We need to keep rooted in the Holy Spirit. 

If there are weeds or dead branches then we must keep these pruned so that we are open to His Divine guidance and inspiration.  This is a most blessed time to reflect, meditate and weed out those things from our lives that can damage our souls and separate us from God on our journey.  We are often tempted and distracted by so much that we need to step back and realize what is most important and keep focused on what will keep us healthy, holy and rested.

He Must Increase....I Must Decrease

We must take this beautiful and joyfilled time of Advent and look at it like a "Little Lent."  We should do our best to detach our hearts and minds from things that will weigh us down in this world and place our hearts where they God's kingdom.  The best way to do this is by realizing that ...

He Must Increase....I Must Decrease

Once we fully give ourselves to the Lord, He will shower us with so many abundant blessings and fill us with grace.  We need to quite our minds and our bodies in order to best clean out the clutter of our daily lives that can block our path to Heaven.

May God continue to bless us all during this Advent season and quiet our hearts in order to better prepare to receive the ultimate present of the baby Jesus. 


  1. What a beautiful reminder; thank you!


  2. thanks for this post, Ann-Marie. Blessed Advent!

  3. Amen, sister! Wishing you a blessed and holy Advent, filled with His peace:)

  4. Thank you ladies. I am trying my best to keep present in His presence :-) Fortunately I am surrounded by lovely woman as yourselves who join me on the journey. Blessed Advent to you all and may we all be showered by His peace and love.