Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Take Joy

in the little and not so little things in life.

I take JOY in the three beautiful and best blessings that God has graced me with.

I take JOY in remembering to slow down the pace of my life, heart and mind to be present with my blessings at every little step along the way.

But mostly I take JOY in....

My ten year old who is filled with lots of love and wonder about life and still loves to cuddle up next to me and talk about his hopes, dreams and what is in his heart. This is my boy who lives for Lego and makes unbelievably imaginable creations that I could never dream of doing.  This is the child that takes after his momma strengths as well as weaknesses and my heart tugs a little bit more for this boy when I know there is something that he is about to encounter that *I* might fear.  What can I say...he is my first born and first Momma love!

My eight year old who has always made me walk and think a bit faster since the day I met him.  He continues to challenge me in ways that I never thought possible and has helped me to grow as both a faith filled momma, advocate and overall better person.  This boy has a heart the size of the moon and wears it on his sleeve at all times.  He is probably one of the sweetest, kindest people I have met.   This is my child that gets my subtle jokes and always follows them up with "Good one, Mom!"

My five year old who has truly filled me with God's never ending grace from the day he was conceived.  This is the child who radiates grace, love and the spirit of boyhood adventure.  He is my child that still wants to marry his momma and lives to snuggle up close to me and smooch and hug.  He is the child who has numerous food allergies and asthma and thanks me for "Feeling him better" when we are done with nebulizer treatments.  He is the one who never, ever complains and each day*I* try to be more like him!  He is the one that I turn to when I am feeling low to "Fill my heart up with love."


  1. What a beautiful sharing of your joy, Ann-Marie! It's contagious! Thank you for sharing the things that make your heart sing...I heard it sing, yes I did:) Have a blessed week ahead!

  2. A good reminder to choose joy, too, and not just take it. Thank you!