Monday, May 7, 2012

***First Holy Communion***

Yesterday we were so blessed!
We celebrated my second son, Kit Kat's, First Holy Communion.  It was such a gorgeous day all around.  We had spent most of last week in dreary rainy weather so to see the sun shining was such a pleasant change!  I could not have asked for a more gorgeous day.

Kit Kat was so excited too.  This is my son who loves Jesus with his whole heart and soul and really is on fire for the Lord.  He is the one who rushes to get his bottle of Holy Water to bless someone who is not feeling well.  His blessings really work too!  He is the one I have the deepest discussions with about at the dinner table about God. There is no topic that is off limits for him and he really makes me think too!

Before Mass, I have to admit to tearing up quite a bit.  It is always a very emotional moment for me when my sons make their First Communion.  It touches me more than Baptism.  When they are baptized we are making the decision for them, but, with each new Sacrament they receive they are renewing their own faith in our Lord and it just makes my heart so full with happiness.

All of the children were very well behaved  and the ceremony was so nice.  They had practiced for weeks to perform The Table Prayer and while they sang they also signed the song as well. I truly need a better camera and sorry that this picture is very blurry, but, trust me it was precious!

Here is a picture of the big moment.  This picture came out clearer than his receiving the Eucharist.  Did I mention I need to get a better camera, lol! 

We were also blessed to have Kit Kat's Godfather visiting for the weekend with his new fiancee.  What a nice time we all had together celebrating.

We went to a fabulous brunch and the food was fantastic!  Here with us are Grandma and Grandpa, my husband's parents.  Mine are watching lovingly from Above.

I think this was probably the best part of the meal for Kit Kat....

A gigantic hot fudge sundae with five Oreos on top! What child wouldn't love that?

Can't you tell by the look on his face?

I am one proud Momma :-)


  1. Oh what a blessed day! Congratulations to your son on his very special sacramental day. Howw touching that he has such a love for Jesus, at such an early age. (that says something about his Momma, of course). A lovely family!

  2. LOVE it! Keep on doing what you are doing!

  3. What a beautiful and blessed day for Kit Kat! He's a cutie...And looks just like you, Ann-Marie:-) Oh, I know what you mean about those darned tears...I've got a lot of them flowing these days! The love of Jesus shines on you all, it's just beautiful. Thanks for sharing all of those special photos:)

  4. congrats to your son on receiving this most precious sacrament...