Saturday, October 17, 2009

One down three to go!

So as we come to a close of our first quarter of the school year I am so happy to say that things are going very well. We are still constantly changing and refining things, but I guess that is the way life is most days, right? If you find a better way to do something then just do it ;) This is the first year that I have been doing all of my own lesson plans and it is working out well and giving us so much room to adjust and modify things as we go. The fun part is that if there is something that we absolutely love we can spend more time on that and vice versa. If something is not working well for us now, we don't spend any extended time on it and will plan to revisit it in the future.

I purchased Handbook of Nature Study and plan to begin using it hopefully soon. I have been following an incredible blog which I highly recommend to anyone who is thinking of beginning a nature study with their kids. I just need to hop in and pick something to begin with.

This is our third year of teaching our children at home and I really love it so much! It is one of life's most rewarding treasures to be able to experience learning through the eyes of your children. I truly feel so blessed to be on this journey with them.

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