Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rollerskates and Money...

Well we had another good week of school. It was a fun and interesting week for us too. This week's work focused on two great stories for the boys. We have decided to get our Language Arts lessons this year from Lesson Pathways .We worked on "Sebastian's Rollerskates" written by Joan De Deu Prats and Francesc Rovira. It was fun since we were able to have the story told to us online Storyline Online. The boys both loved that part especially.
The story was great and we had fun working with introducing sight words Big, Blue and Can by using concentration. Alex loved it so much that we played it every day.
We made very colorful rollerskates for ourselves:

You just have to love when you can bake a cake for school too! It is both math and science and yummy too! This is my attempt at a rollerskate cake. Not my best work but it sure tasted great =)

Alex worked on The Glory Be for religion as we are trying to get both boys to memorize this prayer. We had fun making pictures that were to be similar to each others without showing the other what it was. This was part of our following directions for "Sebastian's Rollerskates." We both made our own version of "Chicka Chicka 123" tree. We love the Chicka Chicka books here =)

Our other selection of the week was "Smart" by Shel Silverstein which I loved as much as they did. He is a favorite of mine. We watched a video of the poem which was cute. We also had alot of fun playing different types of games to learn more about money. The favorite seemed to be Clean Up the Money which was a change version of bingo:

To play you need a gameboard like above. You can find it here. My five and seven year old both loved it!

We had an especially full Wednesday this week as we went to our annual Back to School picnic for our homeschool group and that was followed by a Cubscout trip to the Mayor's office.

Here is my little Wolf scout ready to go...

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